Multi-scale 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Gällivare area



Luleå tekniska universitet


Boliden, LKAB

Tobias Bauer



Purpose and goal
The primary purpose of this research project was to increase the understanding of structural geometries, relationships and control on ore formation and ore body transposition in the Gällivare area. Based on structural geological field work in combination with geochemistry, age dating and geophysical modeling, geological 3D models and conceptual 4D models have been constructed. Through this we managed to get a better understanding of the regional tectonic history with local local-scale ore-forming processes and subsequent deformation of ore bodies.

Structure and implementation
The project was divided into four sub-projects: 1. Regional, semi-regional and local structural relationships and structural control of ore deposits in the Gällivare area. 2. Regional, semi-regional and local re-evaluation of geophysical data. 3. Multi-scale geological 3D modelling. 4. Multi-scale 4D modelling. Prospectivity has not been modeled in three dimensions but has been done at a conceptual level. The planned project structure was followed in broad terms.

The project managed to sort out the structural geometries and to visualise them in three-dimensional models. The project could also show which factors control the ore formation and deformation in the area and interpret ore-controlling deformation zones. This leads to a more focused prospecting in the Gällivare area. New areas with high ore potential have also been identified. The results also support production-related issues in Malmberget, Svappavaara and Aitik through improved predictability of the structures.

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