Arne Gylling


Purpose and goal
The project has reached most of the goals. Partly achieved is only P2 in which we identified solutions but did not implement them in Boliden. All other goals are considered to be achieved. The project has developed an improved mass localisation that is more reliable and provides better positioning accuracy. New hardware and software and algorithms for improved positioning have been developed. New user functionality (web) has been developed, making the system even more easy to use. The system has been in operation in the Kristineberg mine for 9 months.

Structure and implementation
It is very time-consuming to carry out on-site testing in the mine. Therefore, during the project we have developed several tests that can be run locally to minimise the test time in the mine. However, it is the test time in the mine that is the most important, and especially the long-term tests together with the users to understand their needs. Here it is important to, as far as possible, monitor and implement improvements per distance.

More stable system: Achieved
Better positioning: Achieved
In short, a prototype system at a TRL level ready to be commissioned at customer: Achieved.