Mining with Nature – Towards the target!


Anders Forsgren




Purpose and goal

The project will ensure that the ambitious goal of the Mining with Nature roadmap is met. In a coordinated way for the industry, the project will develop background material for companies´ work on biodiversity such as templates and working methods, preparation and design of management plans for biodiversity, risk assessments, appropriate indicators for follow-up, reporting and communication. The project will also create a background material for training and knowledge-raising initiatives at various levels in the companies.

Expected results and effects

The project will in a coordinated way develop issues related to biodiversity that are relevant to the mining and minerals industry. – Identify both risks and opportunities linked to biodiversity – Facilitate follow-up and reporting – Collect and disseminate results The presentation of a roadmap has created goodwill and great interest in the mining industry´s progressive working methods. Through the project, we will create interest and build confidence in a sustainable mining industry by developing working methods in accordance with the direction set out in the roadmap.

Planned approach and implementation

The project will be run as a separate project group with reporting to AG Natur Svemin. The project group includes a representative from each company. The project group procures consulting companies which will carry out the dominant part of the practical work. As a support group, a steering group will be appointed. This will consist of a representative of LKAB and Boliden, a representative of Svemin and at least one representative from SIP-SMI´s program office. The steering group also includes the project manager and the chairman of AG Natur.