Mining and metals in the transition to a sustainable society – An exhibition about current facts and figures


Bergskraft Bergslagen AB


Georange Ideella Förening, Stiftelsen Teknikens hus, Svenska geologiska undersökningen, Lantbrukarnas riksförbund, Lovisagruvan

Lotta Sartz



Purpose and goal

To achieve the goals of Agenda 2030, we need a sustainable supply of metals that are mined in a sustainable way, conflict-free, with good environmental strategy and sound working conditions. We also need a strong commitment from young people on these issues. In 2017, EIT RM funded a project (MineFacts) which was about putting together easily accessible, objective facts about the mining industry and the permitting process. This study is about creating the basis for an interactive exhibition about mines and the permit process, focusing on school students 6-16, based on MineFacts.

Expected results and effects

The expected effect of the project is that we gain increased knowledge in children and young people about what mining and mineral extraction is all about. The result of the project is a requirement specification, a design and work plan for what Metals4U should contain and deal with. Further effects are expected to be a better and more nuanced dialogue between different business owners and stakeholders in mining and exploration issues.

Planned approach and implementation

To begin with, an implementation phase with establishment of requirements specification, which facts are most relevant, how they should be displayed and described. All project partners participate with knowledge to create a description of how Metals4U should be built and marketed. Communication throughout the project period: Reach out information and facilitate dialogue between different stakeholders through meetings, social media and demos (animation) of what the exhibition might look like. Visit science centers in central Sweden for interviews and design proposals.

More information

Presentation slides from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020

Mining and metals in the transition to a sustainable society

Kids playing at the art “Blue Marble”. Photo: Veronika Geiger (DK)