Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet


Malå sameby, Gällivare skogssameby, Mausjaurs sameby, Boliden Mineral AB

Per Sandström



Purpose and goal

The overall objective of this project is to increase and improve dialogue between mining industry, society and other stakeholders. The specific project aim is to develop tools and methods to gather new and better knowledge about impacts of mining activities on reindeer, reindeer husbandry and Sami culture to advance understanding among all involved land users.

Expected results and effects

Improved dialogue and understanding between mining industry, reindeer husbandry and other land users Improved tools and methods tomitigate land use conflicts Improved bases for environmental impact assessments Improved bases for planning and decision-making agencies intheirauthorization process Improved bases for planners, mining companies and reindeer herding communities in establishing restoration and compensationprograms

Planned approach and implementation

The knowledge-building processes are carried out through continuous work meetings between SLU, samebyar and Boliden. Through iterative processes, SLU collects data and new results and presents them to the project team who provide SLU with support for further analyzes. The initial project meetings with samebyar will be in the fall. SLU uses this time for extended preparatory analyzes. At SLU, the project is carried out by a research group with competences in several expert areas. We have identified the PhD student for the project but have not completed the formal recruitment process.

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