MINDI Mining industries data initiative


Nordic Rock Tech Centre AB


Johan Hedlin



Purpose and goal
The MINDI programme will help mining companies and their machinery and system vendors contribute to increased mining productivity by developing knowledge and promoting the application of a computerised approach, such as to carry out faster and more accurate monitoring of processes and subprocesses, with increased quality. The result should be shorter lead time from event to action and faster access to accurate data at the right time and place for a larger part of the organisation.

Structure and implementation
The MINDI project programme is organised in several projects. These projects are usually no longer than 6–18 months. These projects may include subprojects. In addition to the projects, there is a high level group and project manager. The program has started with the first Data Market project, which is scheduled to be ready in Q1 2018. Once done, work on Project 2, Predicitive maintenance, and Project 3, Shared 3D model of ore body, is initiated.

Expected results
Participating mining companies have developed a strategy and architecture for managing data in their organisation. Participating companies have increased their knowledge and understanding of how to utilise their data resources, enabling them to streamline their business. Richer and continuously updated geological models provide better understanding of the rock and ore body. All stakeholders will benefit from well-defined principles for how data can be exchanged and who owns the data, business principles, etc. between different organisations.