Metals4U+: Mineral raw materials for a green and digital future


Bergskraft Bergslagen AB


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Stefan Sädbom



Purpose and goal

Knowledge of the importance of metals and minerals for a sustainable world, and what the mining industry in Sweden and the world looks like is generally very low among the population. The project´s objective is to create a better understanding of the origin of metals and minerals, what we use them for and improved dialogue about why we need mines, and to develop digital tools to be able to teach about mineral raw materials in school.

Expected results and effects

What is expected of the project is that it will increase interest and knowledge about how we will work for a sustainable mineral industry in the future. By creating your own perceived understanding of something, you get a different way of remembering and relating to knowledge. Young people today need a strong knowledge base in the field to be able to set eligibility requirements and find solutions for sustainable natural resource use in the future.

Planned approach and implementation

The project is about creating a digital learning platform on sustainable mineral extraction for school pupils (age 10-16). The students´ acquisition of knowledge is based on a mixture of physical and digital experiences, where you get an understanding that there is something that really exists, that you can feel, smell, see, but where you also use digital tools to strengthen understanding and add to more information about how it has been created, what it can be used for, etc. Physical installations are built / created for 1-2 years, after which digital tools are connected.


More information

Project presentation from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2021