ME- Mash the elephant


Luleå University of Technology


Boliden, LKAB

Saeed Chelgani



Purpose and goal

The outcomes of this project can release the finest and coarsest particle sizes of ores that are processed by flotation at least for selected industry partners. By implementing “mash the elephant (ME)” in their ore processing plants, the grinding degree will significantly decrease, energy and media consumption are cut, and mill throughput will improve. In terms of sustainability and environmental impact, coarse particle flotation can result in a coarse tailings stream, which facilitates the management of tailings.

Expected results and effects

Long term aim: To decrease energy, water and reagent consumption in the mineral processing industry. Short term goals: Improvingthe recovery of fine and coarse particles in flotation The project addresses the follow challenges/objectiveses of the STRIM agenda: Resource-efficient production Enhanced fine and coarse particle flotation Reduced environmental impact Lower reagent, water and energy consumption Increased safety in production More stable tailings dams due to coarser tailings.

Planned approach and implementation

WP 1 Project coordination (Apr-Sep) Planning and reporting to Vinnova Del: Final report on lab scale nano-bubble (NB) flotation tests WP 2 Survey on small scale NB flotation (Apr-Jun) Providing samples and interviews Desk search on NB flotation Design/construction and techno-economical assessment of NB flotation system Del: Protocol for set up of NB flotation system WP 3 Indicative tests (Jun-Sep) Analysis of tests Evaluation of limitations for different ores Del: Protocol for ME

More information

Presentation slides from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020