Learning remote sensing


Luleå tekniska universitet


Mehdi Abdolmaleki



Purpose and goal

Introduction of satellite-based remote sensing techniques with a focus on Sentinels free data for mineral resources applications. The delivery of cost-effective, timely and comprehensive solutions for mineral exploration is considered a key driver for this project. The promotion of Copernicus data that can be linked to student education to ensuring that awareness of cost- effective solutions to the exploration and mining industry. The developed course material could help teachers in overcoming the threshold of introducing new techniques and data.

Expected results and effects

As a result of the project I would like to share the feedback of the participants. Survey with an anonymous respondent has prepared. The survey detail can be found in the attachment. overall they satisfied of the course and we too. Based on the delivering the course for the future: -For easy following in the practical part, preparing the video and uploaded before the course day it can be so helpful. -Using the break out rooms in Zoom and divide the participants in different group, lead to more interaction between the participants and teacher (it needs one trainer per each group)

Planned approach and implementation

-Announcing on 7th October In LTU website and LTUbusiness webpage -Sent the link to different universities and companies in Sweden -Registration statistics: 63% Man, 37% Kvinna 57% Swedish, 43% other country ( 11 country) 77 Applicants, 30 Selected -Making a shared drive to download the materials (Presentations and products) -Presenting the course in 2 days per week 3 hours each day -The course teaching on the Zoom platform. -Making short quiz (4 to 5 questions) with discuss for recalling and Summarizing -Doing the exercise and discussing the results during the course time