Integrated smart test environment for the mining industry



Anders OE Johansson


Purpose and goal
Purpose Step 1: Create the prerequisites for a smart test and demo environment for the mining industry that integrates existing, new and future virtual and operational environments. Environments where new developed smart subsystems can also be integrated, to continuously expand and drive a more meaningful and accessible test and demonstration environment. Concerted efforts to identify and define relevant and necessary test, pilot and demonstration projects.
Purpose Step 2: Implementation of the plans developed during Step 1 and Priority Pilot Tests (T & D) in approximately six-month periods.

Structure and implementation
Much of the work in Step 1 is carried out through work meetings, mapping and needs research with potential users, dialogue with relevant existing projects, dialogue with “suppliers” of test components, systems and environments. Work packages consist of: WP1: Project management. WP2: Collaboration with test initiatives. WP3: Pilot tests. WP4: Security and business model. WP5: Technical integration and system engineering issues. WP6: Dissemination of project results.

Expected results
Gather relevant stakeholders and initiate a common test bed. Create a test bed for industry sustainable after 2020. Perform a number of pilot tests where individual tests provide results while developing the test bed based on experience from the tests. The project’s results are an important component in the development towards a more connected mining industry, where digitisation leads to an increased degree of automation. This will mean that the traditional tasks in the mining industry changes.