Integrated inversion for vintage geophysics in exploration




María de los Angeles García Juanatey


Purpose and goal
The project aims to test the possibility to perform successful integrated inversion of vintage regional geophysical data, even if not acquired for that purpose, by adding complementary down-hole petrophysical information.

Structure and implementation
The project will use already existing data in the Kristineberg mining area in the Skellefte district. The area to be considered for the integrated inversions will be about 20 x 20 km large. The main data sets to be used will be regional aeromagnetic data and broadband magnetotelluric data (MT). To link both data sets down-hole petrophysical logging of electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility will be carried out.

Expected results
More reliable and accurate geophysical models that are consistent with each other and have better depth resolution. The improvement of existing geological models by the interpretation of the new geophysical models. A solid basis for the construction of a regional Common Earth Model. A work-flow or path to perform integrated geophysical inversion with down-hole petrophysical data.