Innovative quality assured fayalite slag products

Decreased environmental impactRecycling and metallurgyResource efficiencySlag



Caisa Samuelsson


Purpose and goal
The aim of the project is to develop new circular use of the fayalite slag from base metal smelters and to assure the environmental quality of present and new slag products. Research will be carried out to gain a deeper fundamental understanding of mechanisms occurring in the processing of liquid slag and during cooling of the slag. Understanding of the long term leaching mechanisms of solidified slag products and the influence of ambient conditions, ageing, will be an important part of the project.

Structure and implementation
The project will be based on experimental studies in lab scale, characterisation of materials and theoretical calculations using thermodynamic modeling. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners and include pilot-scale and full-scale trials. A project group with representatives from all participating partners will be formed and regular meetings will secure the coordination of the project. Seminars will be arranged. A PhD student will be recruited and research will be carried out together with senior researchers.

Expected results
The project is expected to lead to the following results: Fundamental knowledge on: 1. Slag chemistry and impact of modification of the liquid slag composition on chemical and physical properties. 2. Parameters controlling leaching of metals from solidified and aged slag. The quality of slag products for existing and new applications is expected to be secured through new knowledge and development of a.o. measuring techniques. Securing the quality of slag products will lead to resource efficiency and circular economy.