Innovative exploration drilling and data collection test center: I-EDDA-TC



Uppsala Universitet


Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB

Christopher Juhlin



Purpose and goal
The goal of the project has been met since a suitable site has been identified next to one of Epiroc’s (former Atlas Copco) factories in Örebro. In addition, we have submitted an application for project funding to EIT RawMaterials, where we seek funding to establish the test center. Örebro Municipality has also expressed interest in the project and is initially positive to the test center.

Structure and implementation
The project was conducted as a close cooperation between Uppsala University and Epiroc. The work included: 1) Examination of the suitability of the site to establish the test center, including a simpler geological survey of the bedrock at the site; 2) Examination of the permits required for drilling at the site; 3) Planning of which equipment must be in place to make the test center operational; 4) Application for project funding from EIT RawMaterials, where we seek funding to finance the construction of the test center.

Two main results have been identified by the study which followed the project’s initial goals:
1. An appropriate site for establishing the I-EDDA test center has been identified by considering various factors that affect the suitability of the chosen site (see setup and implementation).
2. An application for funding to establish the test center has been sent to EIT Raw Materials.