Innovative deep exploration 1fk



Uppsala Universitet


Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB, Boliden, LKAB, Orexplore AB

Klas Hjort



Purpose and goal
The project is the first phase of three with the long-term goal of improving the workflow and creativity of geologists through new geophysical sensors and geochemical analysis at the borehole. In the short term, the goal has been to create the conditions for this by developing relevant new technology. The goal has been met with results shown in models, in a probe capable of keeping cryocold and the design of a probe with cryostat, and the very good development of the capacity of the Orexplore instrument.

Structure and implementation
Atlas Copco was expected to contribute largely through membership of the DET-CRC, which was denied them. However, they have taken great responsibility in benchmarking and have worked closely with the other partners with interviews and workshops. Half-yearly meetings have been held with all partners. Field studies by Uppsala University have been carried out at Boliden and LKAB together with their staff. There was a much greater cooperation between Boliden, Orexplore and Uppsala University than was budgeted. We perceive that the project design has worked well despite the changed conditions for Atlas Copco.

Expected results
The results of the model work show the benefits of a high-resolution audio magnetotelluric probe for deep geophysical analysis. The generation of both a probe capable of keeping cryocold long enough and a robust design for a probe with cryostat, as well as the most amazing structural and mineralisation information that geologists get from Orexplore’s instrument, has had the result that all partners and especially companies want to continue their development work.