Innovative binders for efficient recycling of residues from steelworks

AgglomerationBindersRecycling and metallurgy




Borregaard Industries Ltd, SSAB Merox

Elsayed Mousa



Purpose and goal
The project aims to promote the recycling of iron and steel residues by using innovative binders and testing different agglomeration techniques. Complementary review of secondary materials from the steelworks and examination of the suitability of newly developed binders for metallurgical applications will be carried out. The experimental work will focus on validation of methods for agglomerating residual products from steelworks using new binders, possibly in combination with proven binders.

Structure and implementation
Development work begins with a supplementary review of residual products from iron and steel manufacturing and newly developed binders. Laboratory scale tests will be designed to develop and optimise agglomerates for recycling in steelworks processes. The project is coordinated by Swerea Mefos, and industrial partners are SSAB Merox and Borregaard.

Expected results
Our goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of optimal agglomeration and recycling scenarios of steel product residues using newly developed binders in combination with proven binders. Project results are expected to help steel producers to minimise landfills and promote recycling potential, which is of great interest from both environmental and economic aspects.