Inclusive innovation in the mining industry


Melinda From




Purpose and goal

Within the framework of the project “Inclusive innovation in the Mining Industry”, we want to create conditions for a long-term, sustainable mining industry that maintains global competitiveness by exploiting the best ideas and attracting qualified staff, by attracting skills and innovations, from both women and men. Increase knowledge and will of the projects to work more inclusive in the aim of increasing competitiveness, innovation as well as creating attractive jobs.

Expected results and effects

The mining industry is an important part of the society in which it operates in and influences the norms that exist within and outside the mine´s activities. An industry that increases attractiveness and knowledge and understanding of gender equality will also affect society as a whole. Making the industry more equal and inclusive is important for the future power of innovation and the ability to attract the best skills, in order to be an attractive industry at the forefront that also creates increased acceptance for the operations in the local area.

Planned approach and implementation

We will develop a training package consisting of self-instructing digital training and project individual coaching for those who will write and apply for project at Swedish mining innovation. Based on the experiences we have gained, we form an interactive education with elements that increase knowledge in the industry and ensure the levels of knowledge that the projects need to have linked to gender mainstreaming and norm-critical innovation.