Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control



Luleå tekniska universitet


RTC, LKAB, Agio, ABB, Boliden

Håkan Schunnesson



Purpose and goal
The goal of the project is to improve the resource efficiency by applying newly developed dynamic loading criteria that enable better adaptation to variations in ore characteristics and properties in the surrounding ore, leading to both increased profits and cost savings.

Structure and implementation
The research methodology combines state-of-the-art investigation of existing control models and procedures, workshops, data mining, exploration of work procedures, interviews, model development and mine tests.

Expected results
An improved dynamic draw point control will improve the sustainability of the mining method and resource efficiency by reducing both ore loss and side rock dilution, giving higher extraction rate per production level and better control over the metal-content. Reduced side rock dilution leads to reduced transportation of waste rock to surface and hence less environmental impact. In the long term, better control of the loading point will also facilitate rapid response to changes in market demand.