Improved control of toxic fumes from blasting



Luleå tekniska universitet


Boliden Mineral AB, Forcit Seden AB, LKAB KIMIT AB, LTU

Daniel Johansson



Purpose and goal
This project aimed to improve knowledge on the generation of toxic fumes from the detonation of commercial explosives in rock. The main objective is to reduce personnel exposure to the toxic fumes. The project focuses on blasting in open pit and underground. The general objective is to support the Swedish mining industry, contractors and explosives manufacturers with findings and recommendations for the use of explosives.

Structure and implementation
The research project was carried out by researchers in co-operation with technical staff from industrial partners. It was divided in two workpackages: detailed studies in laboratory and full-scale tests in a mining environment.

To minimise personnel exposure to toxic fumes and optimise the time for safe re-entry into areas where the blast occurred. A further objective is to achieve an improved adaptation of explosives to rock conditions which in itself contributes to reduced emissions of toxic fumes and their impact on environment. By achieving these goals one can get improved sustainability, increased productivity (through optimised ventilation times) as well as provide support for the development of new explosives.