Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion


AB Etken Teknologi


Tim Hunt



Purpose and goal

This project aims to explore the commercial viability of a bulk explosives based on Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) as opposed to the industry status quo, Ammonium Nitrate (AN). HP has many environmental and safety advantages over AN based explosives whilst still retaining key blast performance characteristics. While the performance of HP explosives has been proven in the laboratory and controlled conditions, it must also be proven under real world operating conditions to validate commercial viability and subsequent implementation.

Expected results and effects

If all goes to plan, it is expected that the trials will provide comparable blasting results to Boliden´s current blasting practices. In addition, it is expected that post blast environmental monitoring will show a complete change in the exhaust gas profile, removing toxic NOx and CO gas components. Finally, it is expected that the trial will show that current site drill and blast practices will not be complicated and/or safety operator comprimised to facilitate HP explosives, meaning that, potential future implementation will result only in minimal impact product switch out.

Planned approach and implementation

The trials will include mineral and chemical reactivity testing off site, post blast exhaust gas generation in a blast chamber at LTU and about 12 site based blasts at Boliden´s Kankberg underground mine. The mine site blasting will be staged, starting with small sized blasts, gradually increasing to full sized development rounds based on previous results. Boliden and Etken personnel will be present during all trial operations to maintain adherence to Boliden procedures and Etken trial parameters.

Mer information

Presentation slides from Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2020


Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion