High Resolution Magnetic Surveying using UAV


Swedish Geological AB


Kaunis Iron, Luleå University of Technology

Karl Westerlund



Purpose and goal

The overall purpose of the project is to test a UAV system purpose-built for regional magnetic surveys (“the Remote Mapper”) in the Swedish operational environment. This will be done based on a permit to fly “Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Site” (BVLOS) with the use of radar for airspace control. The objective is to assess factors that may impact on survey implementation and data quality – primarily logistical issues, fulfilment of BVLOS permit conditions, and flight planning and magnetometer settings – with the ultimate aim to establish a commercial operation.

Expected results and effects

Upon completion of the project, it is expected that the Nordic mining and exploration sector can be provided with a tool to acquire regional magnetic data of significantly higher resolution compared to conventional methods, and at a much lower cost. Furthermore, it is expected that the collection of high-resolution magnetic data across large areas will open up for a new level of ore geology research which, in turn, would enhance the knowledge on the structural setting and formation of ore deposits and lead to improved exploration strategies.

Planned approach and implementation

The project will be implemented as follows: 1. Implementation of UAV magnetic survey; 2. Assessment of administrative, logistical, technical and permit related aspects of the survey implementation; 3. Data processing and assessment – comparison with conventional airborne and ground magnetic data, in-depth data analysis and establishment of conceptual structural model for the study area; 4. Establishment of a business plan for commercialisation; 5. Dissemination of results through peer-reviewed publications, conference presentation and information material.


More information

Presentation slides from Program day 2021