GRÄV – mining value change


RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB


Sticky Beat AB, Up is down AB

Julia Jonasson



Purpose and goal

Creating and developing the Munkfors model and showing HOW to become more innovative with the help of norm breaking activities such as: Understanding the history of the mill & analyzing it from norm perspectives. Gathering actors from the city & identifying norms that characterize society & work life & affects innovation capacity. See if innovation-inhibiting norms can be turned into opportunities. Can we break innovation inhibiting norms and become more innovative together? The project identifies focus areas to improve & develops an activity list with responsible people.

Expected results and effects

After the project completion, actors, private, public and non profits, are expected to have gained an increased understanding of how norms affect the local innovation climate in Munkfors. They will also have access to methods and tools to continue working norm-creatively for increased innovation ability and to strengthen working life in the area.

Planned approach and implementation

The set-up is based on a participation process with three planned workshops. These three focus on understanding innovation and norms. Understanding the individual and collective innovation ability and how to insights into concrete actions and action plans.