Luleå tekniska universitet


George Nikolakopoulos



Purpose and goal

G-DRONES aims to demonstrate the autonomous operation of the rapid deployment of aerial robotic solution for aerial inspection of areas after blasting and the overall integration of this technology to the current mining production systems. G-DRONES will produce autonomy technology for aerial inspection missions on operating sites that are dangerous for human based operations, while it will aim for a full integration in the mining production processes, while enabling efficiency and increasing productivity.

Expected results and effects

– Increase production efficiency: Perform single area inspection in less than 20 min after blasting, reduce waiting times by 30-40 mins. Currently the waiting time after blasting is 60-90 mins. – Increase cost efficiency: Create more 250 000 SEK/hour of savings from immediate after blasting inspection and reducing the waiting times before continuing the loading. – Create a safe work space: Zero exposure to poisonous gases to human workers – Increase acceptance of the mining industry from the reduction of risks for workers and improve the overall working place attraction.

Planned approach and implementation

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) will lead the project and will provide the base line for all the drone technologies. ABB will contribute towards the integration of the aerial inspection technologies in the mining managing systems that are offering as well as advice towards the sensing technologies. Boliden will contribute towards the requirements of the overall mission and the further adoption of the G-DRONE technologies.