Future industrial development platform – Arena Pajala


Erik Mella




Purpose and goal

The Arctic will become increasingly more important with respect to politics, security and economy. Sweden can initiate focused actions to strengthen a sustainable use of resources in the Arctic. We wish to create Arctic Tests AB an outstanding testbed in an arctic environment with special focus on critical minerals and a sustainable builtenvironment. A successful pilot study has been completed. The next step will be to establish a commersially viable testbed through government funding by SEK 20 million per year during five years.

Expected results and effects

Create Arctic Tests AB with Luleå University of Technology as principal. The government backs the project with SEK 20 million per year during five years. The project is developed according to the recommended time plan.

Planned approach and implementation

Conduct workshop and interview stakeholders. Get Letter of Intent (LOI) for those who show an active interest.

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