Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics (distance education)


Luleå tekniska universitet


Hans Åhlin



Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to enable distance education by developing an approch for conducting quizzes (duggor/delprov) on distance. The objective of the project is adoption and implementation (using online tools) of quizzes (duggor/delprov) for online teaching. Fulfillment: During the project, three quizzes were produced and also three re-examinations quizes for students who did not pass the exam at the first opportunity.

Expected results and effects

Developed customized course content and methodology (using online tools) in the form of quizzes “duggor/delprov” that can be used in teaching. Outcome: The result from the project – the developed quizzes and methodology has also been used/implemneted in another student course during the autumn 2020 to be able to examine quizzes in a distance-adapted way. Results are also expected to be implemented in additional student courses in the future.

Planned approach and implementation

The planned structure for the project has been followed in accordance with the points below – Initial planning of the project – Create online-adapted quizzes related to course content – Implement quizzes in online tools. – Preparation and implementation workshop for project accounting Planned tasks and implementation of the project suited the project´s objectives well and gave the desired result.