Tracking and Control of Articulated Machines through Remote Sensing



Örebro Universitet


Todor Stoyanov



Purpose and goal
A key enabling technology for remote machine operation is the ability to estimate and control the full machine state. In the TracMac project we will devise and implement novel methods for estimating the state of articulated manipulators: using remote depth sensor measurements. We will verify the validity and utility of the state estimate by using it in a feedback controller. By removing all sensor hardware from the manipulator, we will greatly increase hardware robustness to damage and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Structure and implementation
TracMac will run over three years. During the first year, basic technology for remote sensing will be evaluated and a prototype tracking system will be developed. During the second year, the prototype will be improved and evaluated in relevant operating conditions. During the third year, the tracking system will be used in a feedback controll loop and evaluated for online applications. Further commercialisation and exploitation planning is also envisioned for the final year of the project.

Expected results
TracMac will result in novel technology within the following objectives: reliable remote sensing in harsh mining environments; accurate manipulator tracking; and robust feedback control. The project will develop software modules for estimating the state of an articulated machine, using remote sensing. The resulting technology is expected to increase the robustness of autonomous and teleoperated machines, and rive down maintenance costs.

More information

Presentation from SIP STRIM program day 2019