FILTRENE MINING Solution: Recovery of valuable metals from water stream in mining industry


Grafren AB


Swerim, Boliden Mineral

Jenny Khranovska



Purpose and goal

The aim of this project is to verify the technical and economic potential of FILTRENE technology for recovery of metal ions in mining industry. Mining company BOLIDEN AB is the interested partner in planned activity and the successful realization of the pre-study may lead to the future projects together with GRAFREN. The objectives of the pre-study are: -Analyse and experimentally identify the appropriate position for the installation of the FILTRENE solution -Evaluate the technical efficiency and economic benefits of the FILTRENE solution upon operation in relevant environment.

Expected results and effects

Successful performance of metals collection and recovery will allow us to to make a specific evaluation of the efficiency and economic viability of the new technology for metals recovery. Successful execution of this pre-study project will verify more resource-efficient and economically viable approach based on FILTRENE solution and would pave the way to full-scale innovation project with the aim on adaptation of the solution for mining industry.

Planned approach and implementation

GRAFREN AB will prepare the FILTRENE sorbent and respective equipment for water filtering and metals collection; Water will be sampled from different points at Boliden facility with the help of Swerim. Upon saturation, FILTRENE sorbent will be recycled and metals will be recovered, collected and analysed by Swerim and GRAFREN. The results obtained will be used for calculation the economical viability of the process, taking into account the capital, running costs, maintenance, logistics etc vs cost/price of the recovered metals and conclusions made as the internal report.

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