Field test of FBG-based sensor system – beneficial for industry and society



Maskinteknik i Oskarshamn AB


Oskarshamns kommun, RISE Acreo AB

Linda Sharp



Purpose and goal
The project intends to further the development process, to get closer to product and commercialisation of an FBG-based sensor system for measuring bedrock movements. The project has three main objectives: 1) to further develop and manufacture an FBG-based sensor system, 2) to field test the sensor system in the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory for 1 year, to verify its stability and reliability, and 3) to develop a plan for commercialisation.

Structure and implementation
The project is managed by the company in close collaboration with the project group and reference group. The project is 24 months and is organized in 12 WPs: WP1 Project management and coordination. WP2 User requirements. WP3 Overview system design. WP4 Development of hardware & software. WP5 Development of encapsulation. WP6 Data output & management. WP7 Data transmission. WP8 Prototyping & system integration. WP9 Field testing at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. WP10 Demonstration & evaluation. WP11 Market and commercialising plan, demo-equipment. WP12 Dissemination & exploitation.

Expected results
When the project is completed, the sensor system has reached TRL 5–6. A sensor system has been manufactured and tested for reliability and long-term stability (1 year) in a real environment at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. The system meets user requirements and the results have been evaluated by the project group and a reference group consisting of numerous stakeholders and experts from the mining- infrastructure-, and nuclear waste storage industries. An initial market and commercialising plan has been drafted and demonstration equipment has been designed and manufactured.