Face-to-Surface II – Improved production efficiency in sublevel caving



Luleå tekniska universitet


Agio system och kompetens i Skandinavien AB, Atlas Copco, LTU, LKAB

Håkan Schunnesson



Purpose and goal
The objective of the proposed project is to increase production capacity and reduce production cost for sublevel caving mines by optimising fragmentation, using optimised blast hole sizes, improved chargeability, new technique for boulder handling and improved overall production planning.

Structure and implementation
The research methodology combines state-of-the-art investigation, machine monitoring, borehole filming and video recording, using data mining and big-data analysis, interviews and field tests. Regular meetings and workshops have been identified as an important tool for knowledge and information transfer.

Expected results
The project will develop production tools for material characterisation for charging support. The project will also provide a deeper understanding of how hole sizes influence ground vibrations. The project will develop procedures for how production planning can be improved by better rock mass characterisation and generate a better and deeper understanding of how mobile boulder breakers can reduce production disturbances. The results from the project will include a licentiate thesis and a number of journal and conference papers.