Estimation of the risk of rockfall and optimisation of rock reinforcement in deep underground mines

MiningRock reinforcement


Luleå tekniska universitet


LTU, Lundin Mining, Boliden, LKAB

Erling Nordlund



Purpose and goal
The aim of this project is to improve safety and productivity, and reduce the ore losses, dilution and the amount of waste rock by improving the ground control strategy. Objectives in detail are to: improve the understanding of the failure mechanism of rockfalls, develop statistical analysis methods for assessing rockfall hazards, develop design guidelines for support of large potentially unstable volumes, and develop design guidelines for bolt-shotcrete arches and mesh and mesh overlaps.

Structure and implementation
The work is divided into work packages (WPs) and planned as follows: WP1: Forensic investigation of rockfalls and deterministic back-analysis. WP2: Numerical modelling with DFN technique forward analysis. WP3: Optimised usage of bolt-shotcrete arches. WP4: Performance characteristics of welded wire mesh. In order to ensure progress the project will use workshops to integrate and disseminate the results. The workshops are planned to be held approximately with three months interval in the first year and with sic months interval thereafter. The workshops will cover the progress of the work.

Expected results
The successful completion of this project will result in an innovative methodology for assessing the rockfall hazards based on the deterministic (forensic investigation) and statistical (DFN modelling) analyses. Improved performance of the rock support system to prevent large rockfalls controlled by geological structures through new design guidelines. Improved performance of the bolt-shotcrete arches and welded mesh support by new design guidelines. Educated qualified rock engineering personnel for the mining industry.