Enhanced mining safety by rock bolt monitoring

MiningRock reinforcement



Jens Eliasson


Purpose and goal
The primary aim of the project was to develop a prototype system for testing in the mining environment and to carry out lab and field tests in a mine. Secondary objectives were to expand the ThingWave network and to have good communication with mining companies, suppliers to the mining industry, and academic institutions in Sweden as well as abroad. The project’s goal is more than achieved with the completed lab and field tests, expanded network of contacts with industry and academia in Sweden but also abroad.

Structure and implementation
The project began by initiating talks with bolt manufacturers, mining companies, and suppliers and consultants to conduct field tests. At the same time as technology development has taken place, much emphasis has been given to meeting stakeholders in Sweden and abroad. After conducted lab and field tests, the results have been presented to many mining companies and bolt suppliers with great interest as a result. The tests had to be delayed due to external factors but could be performed anyway. During the project, a dialogue with mine engineers, business advisors and experts in IoT has been important to get feedback.

The project has developed a prototype system used in lab and mining tests. We have also identified partners around the world and started discussions with them. ThingWave has participated in several exhibitions, for example Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå, IoT World Event in San Jose, California, the Industrial Internet Summit in Sydney, EIT/SIP-STRIM meeting in Luleå, etc. As a direct result of this project, ThingWave will within the next 12 months have at least three active mine installations as well as collaboration with international enterprises and universities.