Dynamic rock bolts for the people, the environment and the economy

MiningRock reinforcement


Northern Mining Products AB


Anders Dalstål



Idetävlingsvinnare 2015

Purpose and goal
The purpose and goal of this project was to take NMP’s dynamic friction rock bolt to the market for validation that the rock bolt significantly reduced the risk of collapse and thus increases personal safety, operates in corrosive environments, increases durability by reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances, and improves production economy. All stated aims and objectives are fully met. NMP has collaborated with SSAB/Rukki, Galvano Tia, Swerea Mefos, Business Sweden, Arctic Business Incubator in Luleå. A dozen mining companies were visited with in three continents.

Structure and implementation
The set-up to achieve the targets has been of traditionall industrial character. I.e. hard work and lots of traveling out to customers. The owners’ total networks and experience has shortened time to market. This has resulted in short technical analysis times, effective negotiations and short decision-making processes. All external contacts are based on building long-lastning personal relations.

The objectives of the project was to have a validated rock bolt friction type that can handle dynamic loads, that has passed dynamic tests in accredited testing house, which is adapted for mass production (>100 000 per year), that is quality assured according to ISO standard, that can be provided with corrosion protection, and to have test installations, test orders and distribution channels in place. All points are fully complied with, except the last where far advanced negotiations are ongoing. The expected effect was to conclude distribution agreements for distribution through one or more channels.