Diversity, gender equality and attractive workplaces in the Swedish mining industry

Attractive workplaces


Luleå University of Technology


Kristina Johansson



Purpose and goal
The strategic research and innovation agenda for the Swedish mining and metal producing industry (STRIM 2017–2020) contains visions for nine research and innovation areas. This project focuses on the areas of Attractive Workplaces and Equality and Diversity in the Mining Industry. The purpose is to identify, develop and describe a number of major project proposals and partnerships that address some of the short to medium term goals identified in STRIM 2017–2020.

Planning and implementation
The project begins by recapitulating research and innovation needs and planning interactive activities. In a workshop that collects participants from mining companies, subcontractors and contractors, academia as well as authorities and associations, we will generate a number of possible projects and partnerships. Design teams with participants from all groups will then act as platforms for the concretisation of these projects and partnerships. Finally, we will collect, analyse and communicate the results of these activities.

Expected results
The projects and partnerships generated by the project are expected to address several of the industry’s challenges, thereby leading to positive changes, of which the development of more attractive, socially sustainable and equal workplaces, organisations and innovation systems are the most important.