Distributed acoustic optical fiber sensor for conveyor belts health monitoring





Carolina Franciscangelis



Purpose and goal
The main purpose of the project is to investigate methods to effectively monitor real-time mining conveyor conditions using distributed optical fiber sensors. The project aims to verify the possibility of using such sensing methods to detect and locate defects in the phase, bar error adjustment and delamination, overloaded layers, resonance events, including dangerous phenomena, by analysing these acoustic emissions.

Structure and implementation
RISE Acreo will do: Examination of the main problems with conveyors that can be identified by vibration frequency profiles and audio analysis. Top-level review of distributed optical fiber acoustic sensors applied to the conveyor’s health monitoring. Definition of the most appropriate technology to cover this application. Laboratory experiments that testify to the selected sensor solubility to identify the defects of the specified conveyor belts. Verification of the technical and commercial potential of a full-scale project.

Expected results
The expected result leads to a sensing solution that increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs in the mining industry. It is also expected that this project will strengthen the cooperation between optical fiber sensing solutions and the Swedish mining industry, as this preliminary study is supported by the Nordic Rock Tech Center and discussions with these industries will be included in the project schedule. At the end of the preliminary study, a full-scale project plan with TRL 5 will be outlined, where this technology performance can be evaluated in a relevant environment.