Distance learning in environmental isotope geochemistry applied to mining environments


Luleå tekniska universitet


Tobias Kampmann



Purpose and goal

The project fulfilled the following objectives: – Improved adaptation of university education to distance teaching – Design of interactive learning environments with students as independent actors – Deep conceptual learning through application of course content to practical task examples from geochemical consulting work. The following concrete aims were fulfilled: – A digital learning method (exercise) in isotope geochemistry was designed, performed and thereby tested at Luleå University of Technology – Feedback from students was collected through questionnaires.

Expected results and effects

The result was a group exercise for a typical course composition in isotope geochemistry (approx. 15-20 students) which is divided into 3-4 groups. Through innovative distance learning we expect to not only adapt university teaching to the restrictions during the pandemic, but also to improve students´ learning and their preparation for a future working life. The students´ feedback indicated that they were very satisfied with the new teaching method. They also gave concrete suggestions for improvement if the exercise is held again in the coming years.

Planned approach and implementation

** Denna text är maskinöversatt ** The distance learning method was developed with the help of the consulting company WSP Sverige between September and November 2020. The method was tested in the course during December 2020 and the students reported their results in January 2021. Student feedback was collected through questionnaires.