Digitization of the course high temperature processes


Luleå tekniska universitet





Purpose and goal

Objective and aim of the project is to update the course literature and digitize the teaching. More specifically, the digitization aspect refers to the following activities: 1. Recording of lectures introducing the software used in the industry-related project work. 2. Recording solution examples for typical arithmetic exercises. All objective that were set have been completed.

Expected results and effects

When students have the opportunity to effectively absorb the information from the course remotely via pre-recorded lectures, we have the opportunity to use our teacher-led time more effectively. This means that we can enable students to get higher up on Bloom´s taxonomy. Pre-recorded lectures also enable us to give the course at a distance for participants from the metallurgical industry. This contributes to lifelong learning for engineers in the Swedish process industry. The course is given for the first time since the work was carried out in April 2021.

Planned approach and implementation

Recording of the introduction to the FactSage software has been completed. These introductory videos will be used in the course. The teacher-led time will now be used to help students push their project task forward. Recording of solution examples for typical arithmetic exercises, was carried out with the help of a backlit drawing board. These calculation examples will be published for the students and the teacher-led time during classroom time (physical or digital) will focus on understanding the calculations.