Digital Mining Hub Bergslagen



Alfred Nobel Science Park AB


Epiroc, Zinkgruvan, Örebro universitet

Pär Lundström



Purpose and goal
In the preliminary study, we want to create a long-term strategy for building an internationally competitive mining cluster in Bergslagen. The preliminary study will describe the current situation with which companies are active and what strengths the companies have together with Örebro University. The study will result in an agenda for how the Bergslagen area, in collaboration with other Swedish mining clusters, will become an internationally competitive region that meets the new requirements of the mining industry.

Structure and implementation
The project will deliver a situation assessment of the conditions in Bergslagen. The assessment will describe the region’s strengths and which companies that work in the mining industry. The project will interact with important stakeholders in the region to get a broad understanding of the current situation. The project will also generate a strategy for building a Digital Mining Hub in Region Örebro. The strategy will also describe how the project will be organised and how it will be financed to meet the goals during the first five years.

Expected results
Digital Mining Hub Bergslag will play an important role in switching to more automated and digitised mines. It will provide increased efficiency and productivity while providing increased security for miners. The cluster will address the challenges of today and will contribute to increased competitiveness for the Swedish mining industry. Of course, we hope that it will also generate increased focus on the mining industry’s relevance in Bergslagen and strengthen efforts to start new mines in the region.


Report Innovationsagenda Bergslagen (Swedish)