Development of closing and reopening criteria for seismically active mines




Savka Dineva


Purpose and goal
The objectives are to address directly and indirectly following: 1. Improved model of seismic hazard based on interpretation of seismic data in combination with data from stress indicators. 2. Improved model of the seismic risk based on the methodology for damage potential assessment. 3. Improved methodologies for long-, medium-, and short-term seismic hazard assessment. 4. New criteria for increased seismic risk and for closing and re-opening of specific areas of the mine based on the combined seismic hazard and damage potential.

Structure and implementation
The project will involve the following: 1. Literature study. 2. Data analysis of seismic and stress change data, analysis and rockburst data analysis. 3. Joint analysis and correlations (synthesis of the results) between mining activities, local stress changes, seismic hazard, and damage potential, and development of new improved strategy for the assessment of time-dependent seismic hazard and damage potential. 4. Formulation of criteria for mine areas closing and re-opening due to the risk of damage. 5. Development of new plugins for mXrap software.

Expected results
The results aim to identify, assess and manage the seismic hazard and to reduce the seismic risk to a tolerable level: 1. State-of-the-art summary about seismic risk and seismic hazard management in the underground mines. 2. New methods for joint analysis of mining-related data, stress changes, and seismic data and new types of relationships. 3. New mine-dependent methods for estimation of the potential for rockburst and rockfall due to seismic events in the mines. 4. New practical tools for the mine personnel for mine areas closing and re-opening.