Development of a test method and facility for generic rock bolt performance tests

MiningRock reinforcement




Galvano TIA AS, Northern Mining Products AB, Ruukki Sverige AB

Mats Karlberg



Purpose and goal
The main purpose of the project is to enable comparable tests for all kinds of rock reinforcing bolts available on the market to be performed and to be comparable. The objective is to: develop a standardised testing method, to construct and machine a test rig that enables dynamical testing on all types of rock bolts to be performed which today is of no commercial existence. Finally tests will be performed on rock bolts delivered by the participating partners i.e. SSAB, Northern Mining Products and Galvano Tia AS. The test equipment will be installed at Swerea Mefos pilot plant.

Structure and implementation
The project will be initiated by a fundamental review of the subject with the objectives to define boundary conditions and other relevant parameters to perform accurate structural mechanical of significant and realistic load cases. The theoretical results will form the base for further mechanical construction, machining and assembling of the test rig. Construction material will be delivered by SSAB, machine parts will be manufactured by Galvano Tia AS and the final assembly and installation will be at Swerea Mefos. Once the rig has been tested, adjusted and improved to handle sharp tests, the participating companies’ products will be tested and evaluated.

Expected results
Today there exist no standardised test methods covering all types of rock bolts available on the market. A consequence then is that comparable tests between available products become impossible. Therefore a well designed and technically correct testing method will be beneficial to small innovative companies, mining industry and the future development of rock securing systems. Positive expected effects are furthermore that an enhanced competence within in this field will position Sweden globally as a competitive partner within the mineral and mining sector.