CLImB – Changing Land use Impact on Biodiversity


Ecogain AB


Carina Andersson



Purpose and goal

The project Changing Land Use Impact on Biodiversity (CLImB) aims to develop a proposal for a valuation model to measure biodiversity. The valuation model will be widely applicable in different industries, habitat types and at scales. The model will be available to everyone via open access. The model will provide conditions for 1. increased predictability in permit processes 2. increased cost efficiency and sustainability 3. to integrate biodiversity into corporate business models

Expected results and effects

The project will result in a proposal of an industry-wide, national valuation model for biodiversity in Sweden. The model will help companies and organizations to increase their consideration for biodiversity in a way that is profitable for both nature and business. The model will help companies and organizations to set goals, carry out measures, report and communicate about biodiversity.

Planned approach and implementation

The project consists of two parts: 1. Method development and evaluation. Two different proposals for the valuation model will be further developed, tested and evaluated. Field visits for data collection will be part of the test. After the evaluation, a final proposal for a model will be selected. 2. Anchoring the valuation model. The anchoring is crucial for a broad acceptance, legitimacy and understanding of the final valuation model. Dialogue and workshops with the project´s partner companies and reference group are important parts of the anchoring.


More information

Project website (at Ecogain)