Jesper Martinsson




Winner of Innovation Idea Competition 2021

Purpose and goal

BEMIS is a fully automatic system for calculating seismic events in underground mines that quickly and exactly provides information about the mine´s seismic activity. This means that you can create a very good understanding of the seismic activity in the mine today and a bit into the future. This means that the mines can greatly increase the safety of the mine and at the same time increase production through better adapted production plans. The goal of the project is to create a fully functional prototype of BEMIS which will then be tested in selected underground mines.

Expected results and effects

With the project, we will be able to carry out the evaluations needed to show how good information BEMIS can provide. BEMIS will be tested in several different underground mines with the result that several collaborative projects are initiated.

Planned approach and implementation

The main part of the project is to create a fully functional prototype. In parallel with this, contacts will be made with different mines to scout for different environments for the evaluations and planning for how the evaluations will be carried out.