Attractive mine – for everyone

Attractive workplaces


Högskolan Dalarna


Zinkgruvan, Boliden, Creamus, Askersunds kommun, SveMin, Jernkontoret, Hedemora Näringsliv AB

Ing-Marie Andersson



Purpose and goal
In this pilot project a number of limited measures have been undertaken with the aim of identifying approaches that could be expected to be effective in increasing the interest in young people of both sexes to acquire education and employment in the industry. The goal, to investigate and plan interventions for genuine changes that involve the industry and will enhance its attractiveness, has been achieved. A consortium has been created that plans for concrete action based on the results.

Structure and implementation
A consortium has been created with the mining companies, industry organisations, municipalities, educators, industry research and academia. A pilot project has been implemented with the aim to clarify the key issues to provide a basis for the planning of concrete actions to achieve project goals and objectives. Interviews were conducted with a large number of actors and stakeholders in both the mining company and society. The results of actions have been analysed in the consortium and are a basis for further work.

Expected results
A deeper knowledge and understanding has been created to enhance the industry’s attractiveness as an employer among young people of both sexes. Simulator based learning, placed in relation to underground practice shows new possibilities. The existence of a special mining culture, and to what extent such may represent an opportunity or an obstacle in this context has been the focus. A clear picture of safety work and safety culture has begun to emerge. The results provide a vital basis for planning of interventions.