AGtrition – Conceptual design for developing a multidimensional small-scale AG mill test


Jan Rosenkranz




Purpose and goal

The pre-study aims at providing a conceptual design for a multidimensional small-scale test protocol for prediction of AG mill performance. Subgoals: – Investigate different loading mechanisms involved in autogenous grinding and their effect on grinding performance – Explore different test methods – Derive a conceptual design for test development

Expected results and effects

This pre-study will provide a conceptual design for developing an integrated test and modeling framework to better predict AG mill performance considering ore breakage characteristics and the loading mechanisms occurring during autogenous grinding. Expected outcomes: – Mineralogical characterization of ore samples as a basis for correlating breakage to mineralogical parameters – Assessment of promising test protocols (from earlier review and experience, conduct of selected tests) – Design for developing a multidimensional, small-scale AG mill tests

Planned approach and implementation

The pre-study will investigate the loading mechanisms involved in AG mill grinding (impact, attrition, and also the fatigue of large stones) and their effect on the grinding performance by exploring different test methods, and derive a concept for developing a multidimensional small-scale test method. Feasibility and potential limitations will be assessed as a basis for decision making for continuing with development and implementation in a full-scale project. The project is organized in 3 work packages – project coordination, AG test evaluation, conceptual design.