Accurate indoor and underground positioning

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Widefind AB


Kristoffer Ödmark



Innovation Idea competition winner 2017

Purpose and goal
The goal was to investigate the use of position information like GPS in vulnerable environments such as mining and industry, as well as developing evaluation techniques. During the project a much better picture of the problem has been created. This has been used as a basis for producing a prototype where a positioning system can be used to ensure where people are at a centimetre level, and it can thus be used from a security perspective.

Structure and implementation
The project has been implemented with WideFind’s positioning solution as a basis. As a result, travel to mines and discussions with people in the mining industry have been conducted to understand what problems exist and will arise with the technology shift towards automation. This has been used to further develop WideFind’s technical solution to demonstrate the capabilities of a positioning system in the industry.

The developed prototype has been used to demonstrate the applications and function of an accurate positioning system that is both portable and easy to install. This has contributed to an increased interest in such a solution and given a lot of information about what types of problems the system is suitable for solving. This has contributed to lifting the technical solution and understanding the needs, but above all the opportunities that an indoor positioning system can provide.