A general digital twin driving mining innovation through statistical and logical modelling


Magnus Löfstrand




Purpose and goal

The project is intended to support a more sustainable mining production process by connecting the process model, information model and business model through the digital twin model, which will further sustainability in mining production. The goal with the DT-MINN project is to improve sustainability in terms of extraction of raw materials by further developing the methods and methodologies from DT-SAPS and previous projects by further developing the availability and maintenance simulation modelling, and the logical modelling of technological faults and failures.

Expected results and effects

The main results will consist of further developed: -Distributed simulation digital twin platform for production process availability prediction and maintenance optimisation -Interfaces between the above systems and between these systems and primarily Epiroc machinery in the Kaunis IT infrastructure and production process -Information models for the above

Planned approach and implementation

The project will be carried out in five work packages: 1 Coordination and Management 2 Objectives and Goals 3 Simulation Modelling for Availability Prediction 4 Digital Twin model of the Kaunis Production Process 5 Connect and communicate the DT-MINN system with production process data sources Results utilisation will be carried out at the partner companies and after projects, and in the wider process industry. The results will form a basis for continued development in future projects by all partners, aiming at forming a new joint product based in the project.