SWEMOZ – harmonization and exchange


Luleå tekniska universitet


Thorkild Rasmussen



Purpose and goal

** Denna text är maskinöversatt ** The purpose of the project was to coordinate and test internet-based teaching in Luleå with teaching in Mozambique. In addition to providing the opportunity for cultural exchange between students from these countries.

Expected results and effects

LTU is likely to continue with distance learning in Maputo. Previously, LTU has had 2-3 weeks intensive teaching in Maputo but with teaching at a distance there is the possibility to spread the teaching over a longer period of time. This is a great advantage for the students. Physical attendance by teachers in Maputo and better interaction with students must, however, be considered very essential in order to be able to carry out good course activities.

Planned approach and implementation

Most LTU students on site in lecture rooms but some occasionally connected via the internet Almost all lectures were recorded, and video files were distributed to students Video recordings of laboratory exercises and field work recorded and distributed Analysis: Difficulties for the teacher to keep sufficient attention to students connected via the internet and the students in the lecture hall receive significantly more attention. Interaction with on-line students much harder compared to those in the classroom.