Presentations from on-going projects 2021

On Swedish Mining Innovations Program day 5 Otiber 2021 almost all of the programmes on-going projects were presented. If you missed the day or are interested in seeing some presentations once again, see below.


Moderator: Niclas Dahlström, Swedish Mining Innovation

9.45, Welcome to Swedish Mining Innovation Program day 2021

  • Swedish Mining Innovation, open calls and funding opportunities, Jenny Greberg and Lawrence Hooey, Swedish Mining Innovation
  • Information from Vinnova, Rebecca Hollertz, Vinnova

10.00,  Selected on-going activities

  • Inclusive innovation, Melinda From, RISE
  • Swedish Mining Innovation Phd student network, Filip Siman, LTU

10.15, Social sustainability

    • MINEDEER, Anna Skarin, SLU
    • Metals4U+: Mineral raw materials for a green and digital future, Stefan Sädbom, Bergskraft
    • Society´s future needs for metals and minerals for a sustainable and digital society in a 2030 and 2050 perspective, Katarina Persson, Svemin
    • National network for mining municipalities, Anna K Kostet, Georange

10.35, Environment impact

  • Removal of mercury from sulfuric acid production, Björn Wickman, Chalmers
  • Impacts of mining dust deposition on forest biodiversity and ecosystem services (MINEDUST), Jörgen Sjögren, SLU
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Emulsion, Tim Hunt, AB Etken Teknologi
  • Organosolv lignin hydrophobic nanoparticles as low-carbon-footprint biodegradable flotation collectors, Katerina Hruzova, LTU
  • CLImB – Changing Land use Impact on Biodiversity, Carina Andersson, Ecogain

11.00, Paus

11.15, Metallurgy and recycling

  • Sustainable REcovVEry of phosphorous from mine tAiLings, Katerina Hruzova, LTU
  • Recovery of lithium from the batteries via enhanced chemical transformations using waste carbon and water leaching, Martina Petranikova, Chalmers
  • Sulfur removal from sulphur containing iron ores, Mikael Larsson, Swerim
  • ROMI: Role of Magnesium in iron oxide pelletizing, Charlotte Andersson, LTU
  • Transforming mining residues to valuable products, Hesham Ahmed, LTU
  • Prestudy of rocks comminution with very high pulsed microwave power, Dragos Dancila, UU
  • Efficient comminution operation (ECO), Andreas Johansson, LTU
  • Optimized roasting of complex copper sulphide concentrates for flexible raw material utilization, Caisa Samuelsson, LTU

12.00-13.00, Lunch

13.00, Mining

  • Digital-Twin enabled Transition into Electromobility and Autonomy in Construction Equipment (eTWIN), Alessandro Bertoni, Bleking institute of technology
  • Numerical Simulation for Optimisation of Rock Drilling and Loading for Mining, Simon Larsson, LTU
  • Virtual Reality Based Teleoperation with Adaptive Autonomy for Remote Shared Control of Mobile Manipulators, Andrey Kiselev, ÖU
  • Destressing strategies for mining under highly stressed conditions in the deep mines of Sweden, Ping Zhang, LTU
  • Safe Remote Drilling through Predictive Modeling of Hydraulic Hoses, Todor Stoyanov, ÖU
  • Automated Planning and Coordination of Autonomous Haulers in Underground Mines, Anna Mannucci, ÖU
  • G-drones, Anton Koval, LTU
  • Automated Drill Planning for Multiple-Boom Rigs in Underground Mining, Shiyu Zhang, ÖU

13.45, Paus

14.00, cont. Mining

  • Tracking and Control of Articulated Machines through Remote Sensing, Todor Stoyanov, ÖU
  • Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control II, Sohail Manzoor, LTU
  • High Resolution Magnetic Surveying using UAV, Karl Westerlund, Swedish Geological AB

14.20, Swedish Mining Innovation Innovation Idea Competition

2021 years winners

  • Bayesian Estimation of Mine Induced Seismicity (BEMIS), Jesper Martinsson, RS Solutions AB
  • Hydrogen Explosives Biodegradable and Nitrate Free Civil Explosives, Thomas Gustavsson, Hypex Bio Explosives Technology AB

14.30-14.45, Summary of the day


Welcome, information from Swedish Mining Innovation and Selected on-going activities

Projects on Social sustainability

Projects on Environment impact

Projects on Metallurgy and recycling

Projects on Mining – part 1

Projects on Mining – part 2

Presentation of the two Innovation idea competition winners projects