The role of cybersecurity in the mining industry


During last week’s Mining Lunch the topic of cybersecurity in the mining industry was addressed. Four of the hottest topics in the industry were discussed: Geopolitics, threat scenarios, digital transformation, and cybersecurity.

The event was organized by Swedish Mining Innovation together with AI Impact Lab and attracted about 50 participants, around half via zoom. Markus Küchler at Epiroc and Olle Ytterberg at Combitech gave their views on the topics geopolitics, threat scenarios, digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Håkan Tyni at LKAB then presented a cyber security perspective on being on the receiving end of different digital ecosystems.

-As the mine becomes increasingly digitized and autonomous, this is an area that is becoming more and more urgent. Machines in the mine are equipped with sensors that collect large amounts of data that are used, among other things, to optimize operations and develop and improve the machines, how data is used, shared and stored, and that this is done safely is therefore important, says Lotta Sartz, project manager at Swedish Mining Innovation and Örebro University.

The event ended with a longer discussion and questions.

Photo: Jesper Eriksson



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