The most powerful women in the mining and steel industry!


In February, the list of the >>40 over 40<< was announced. The most powerful women in the mining and steel industry! Behind the list and the initiative are Industriarbetsgivarna, Jernkontoret and Svemin, as well as the networks Metallkvinnor and Women in Mining Sweden. The criteria is that the nominees must be women, over 40 years old and with a connection to the mining or steel industry. One will be announced as “Årets Fe” (“Fe” stands for Iron in the periodic table) and it goes to a woman who has made special contributions in or for the mining and steel industry during her career. Lotta Sartz, Senior Project Manager, Swedish Mining Innovation Bergslagen node, is one of the 40, with the nomination:


“For 20 years, Lotta has worked with environmental issues related to
mining waste, inspired young people to increased interest in technology and the environment. In recent years, she has commendably increased Bergslagen’s visibility through the Bergslagen node within Swedish Mining innovation, in the otherwise so north-dominant sector.”

Lotta Sartz, Photo: Jesper Eriksson
Congratulations on being one of “the 40” Lotta!
-It’s hard to describe how it feels to see your own name and picture on the 40 over 40 list, it’s really an honor to be there – both considering all the impressive women who are on the list, that I’m on the same list, but also because I know that there are so many amazing and competent women in the industry in addition to the list. I believe that as the industry changes with the green and digital transition, more women will find their way to the industry, but this list also helps to create an image of the mining and steel industry where committed people are listened to and lifted, I think that is positive for the future and will help to attract more talent to the sector, says Lotta Sartz.
Here are the 40 over 40!
(“Årets Fe” will be announced March 6)
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