Metals&Minerals is one of five new programs within Impact Innovation – Sweden’s innovation investment for the 2030s!


On February 27, it was announced that Metals&Minerals was one of five initiatives that have been granted funding to establish a Program office within Impact Innovation, the next generation’s strategic innovation program and Sweden’s innovation investment for the 2030s! It’s an extensive initiative and long-term mobilization with support from The Swedish Energy AgencyFormas and Vinnova.

-We are really looking forward to launching a program with players from the whole value chain of metals and minerals, from exploration to material use and everything in between, says Maria Swartling, future Program Manager of Metals&Minerals. The Mission is: “Ensuring sustainable and resilient metals and minerals supply for the societal transition” which supports Sweden’s and Europe’s goal to enable a climate neutral, resource-efficient, environmentally sound economy that is less reliant on imported, unsustainably produced or insecure sources of raw materials by 2050.

“We are a broad consortium and the Program office will be established in five locations across Sweden: Luleå, Sandviken, Örebro, Stockholm and Jönköping. This way, all our members and stakeholders will have the program close to them. We now look forward to working together towards our Mission.”

Maria Swartling, Program Manager, Metals&Minerals

Impact Innovation received 23 applications to form program offices, with a broad representation of different types of actors. Five were selected in this first round. The decision from the financiers Swedish Energy AgencyFormas and Vinnova applies to around SEK 100 million over five years, half of which comes from the financiers, and half from mining and metal companies. These funds will cover the establishment and operation of the Metals&Minerals Program office. The funding for projects and activities within the framework of Metals&Minerals will be determined soon. The consortium includes Jernkontoret (the coordinator), Sveminthe Swedish Foundry AssociationSwedish AluminiumSustainable Steel RegionLuleå University of TechnologyLTU Business and Örebro University.

The five first programs are:
  • Metals&Minerals – sustainable and resilient metal and mineral supply
  • Net Zero Industry Programme – accelerate the Swedish manufacturing industry’s development towards net zero emissions
  • Water for Vital Environments – WAVE – sustainable water for all by 2050
  • SustainGov – reform the public sector to ensure society’s sustainability transformation
  • Shift2Access – transform Sweden into attractive and accessible iving environments for everyone

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