The first five innovation programs to undergo six-year evaluation


During 2019, the five strategic innovation programs that started in 2013 will undergo their six-year evaluation. The financiers, Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency, have appointed Faugert & Co for a thorough evaluation of SIP Lighter, SIP Metallic Materials, SIP PiiA, SIP Production 2030 and SIP STRIM.

The evaluation of SIP STRIM is ongoing and since the beginning of the year Faugert has participated at, among other things, this year’s first board meeting and SIP STRIM’s innovation idea competition. They will go through all the efforts, projects and activities that have been run and implemented within the program, The strategic agenda and the effects of the program will also be reviewed. Faugert & Co will also evaluate to what extent the program has been successful in consolidating the industry’s actors and how it contributes to the increased competitiveness of the industry. In early June, Faugert will visit the program office for an on-site review where a self-evaluation of the program office will be presented together with several of the projects that have been run within the program.

– This obviously means a great effort from the program office, but above all, it will give us a very good basis for supporting future program periods. I especially look forward to getting input on possible improvements and how we can achieve even better results and industrial benefits, says Jenny Greberg, Program director SIP STRIM.

All strategic innovation programs are evaluated every three years, and the review shall provide both financiers and programs with a basis for developing the program form, the individual programs and also to be the basis for decisions on continued funding.

So at the end of the year, answers are expected as to what improvements and measures can be made during future program periods, and we hope that the evaluation reinforces the image of SIP STRIM as a successful and well-established program.


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